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Bad Breath? Is It Something Serious? – Part 2

Previously, we discussed bad breath, what some of the common causes are and why it is so important to floss. Continuing our discussion, we want to look at some of the serious health issues that may be causing this issue.

If you have bad breath it does not necessarily mean you have one of the below health problems, but it is important to know what health issues are connected to bad breath.

Dental health issues include:

Gum disease
Throat or oral cancer
Tonsils that contain trapped food particles
Infected root canals
Throat problems such as strep throat
Throat or oral cancer

Non-dental health problems may include:

Acid reflux
Lung disease
Liver disease
Lung infections

Why Habit is Important

In order to help prevent foul breath, you need to maintain a good dental hygiene routine. This includes brushing your teeth, tongue, gums, and roof of your mouth as well as flossing two times each day. Mouthwash may offer short-term relief, but it is not a substitute for either brushing or flossing.

Bad breath beachwood OH dentist

Do you suffer from bad breath?

If you are keeping a proper dental hygiene routine but still notice that your bad breath will not subside, be sure to schedule an appointment with Dr. Faist in Beachwood, OH.