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Dental inlays and dental onlays are a dental restoration that is usually used by Dr. Faist when over half of your tooth’s biting surfaced is damaged by either tooth decay or by a cracked or fractured tooth.

inlay onlayAt Dr. Faist’s office in Beachwood, OH, he will utilize inlays or onlays when your tooth needs to be repaired due to moderate tooth decay or a cracked/fractured tooth that is not damaged enough to require a dental crown.

A dental inlay or dental onlay is a treatment that falls between a filling and a dental crown. An ideal candidate for inlays or onlays are patients who have too little tooth structure left in order to receive a filling but have enough structure left they do not need to receive a crown. Gold used to be the most popular material used to create inlays or onlays. However, in recent years, porcelain has become increasingly popular the material of choice at Dr. Faist’s dental office in Beachwood OH. Porcelain can closely resemble the natural color of your teeth and is strong enough to withstand wear and tear. Gold is still used in back teeth where strength is essential and esthetics are less important. Dr Faist will help you decide which material is best in your particular case.

Some FAQs about inlays and onlays:

An inlay is a procedure where the bonded material, usually porcelain, is constricted to the center of your tooth. An onlay refers to a procedure where the bonded material, usually porcelain, extends to one or more cusps of your tooth.

Receiving inlays or onlays requires two appointments with Dr. Faist. At your first visit, Dr. Faist will remove your filling or the decaying area of your tooth that is being replaced. Next your tooth will be prepped to receive your inlay or onlay. To ensure a proper fit, a digital scan will be taken and the scan will be sent to the dental lab for custom manufacturing. After your scan has been taken, Dr. Faist will place a temporary on your tooth while your inlay or onlay is being created.

During your second appointment, Dr. Faist will first remove the temporary he placed at your first appointment and place your new inlay or onlay by bonding it to your tooth. The final step in the process is polishing in order to ensure a smooth finish.

  • A natural look – Due to the porcelain finish inlays and onlays have a natural finish to them and are virtually invisible to the naked eye.
  • A comfortable fit – Inlays and onlays have a natural feel to them.
  • Durability – When properly maintained, inlays or onlays can last up to thirty years.
  • Minimal tooth structure removed – Inlays and onlays require Dr. Faist to remove a minimal amount of your tooth for the procedure and preserves the maximum amount of your natural, healthy tooth.
  • Strengthens your teeth – Inlays and onlays can strengthen your tooth by up to 75 percent.