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A Wise Investment: How Dental Implants Are Worth Their Price

December 15, 2023

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True enough, dental implants work well as replacement teeth. That means they can restore even the most broken smiles around! Still, it’s easy to wonder if they’re a wise purchase. You may worry that dentures or dental bridges are the more cost-effective choices. Luckily, there’s no need for any cost-related fears. The truth is that dental implants are worth their price. To find out why, read this helpful primer from your local Beachwood dentist.

Implants’ Perks are Priceless

Despite their high upfront cost, dental implants offer many priceless perks. The most notable of these include:

A Gorgeous, Lifelike Grin

When you lose teeth, your grin’s look quickly worsens. That’s hardly surprising – smile gaps aren’t a pleasant sight. As these spaces develop, your mouth will seem unbalanced. The result is an off-putting smile that ruins photos and gatherings alike.

All that said, dental implants restore your full grin. They fill the gaps among your pearly whites. In doing so, they ensure your smile looks evenly beautiful. Their porcelain surfaces will blend seamlessly with your other teeth.

A Fuller, Youthful Face

Of course, tooth loss doesn’t just harm your smile’s appearance. It also causes your jaw to erode slowly. Without all your teeth, your jawbone can’t preserve its bone tissue. You’ll then be at risk of facial collapse.

In contrast, dental implants fix this jaw issue. They’ll stimulate your jawbone to preserve its bone tissue. You won’t have to worry about facial collapse anymore. Instead, you can enjoy a face that’s full and youthful.

Better Eating & Speaking

Naturally, you can’t eat or speak well when your chompers go missing. You’re more likely to mispronounce words and struggle with tough foods. Your quality of life may decline as a result.

Even here, dental implants are a solution. Their features let them act quite like natural teeth. Therefore, implants will restore your eating and speaking abilities. You’ll then get to enjoy life more.

Implants Offer Long-term Savings

Yes, implants are a big financial commitment. Despite that fact, though, they’re an excellent purchase that saves you money overall.

If you didn’t know, implants (usually) have long lifespans. An average one will last roughly 15-20 years once placed. The prosthetic’s lifespan can even reach 30 years or more in some cases. Either way, the treatment amounts to fewer repair and replacement visits. (Dentures and bridges only last 7-10 years.) As such, you won’t have to pay as many fees over time.

Ultimately, dental implants are worth their price. See for yourself by booking an implant consultation soon!

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Orange Place Family Dentistry is based in Beachwood, OH. Led by Drs. Koops and Mollica, our practice strives to meet every patient’s oral needs. We thus provide preventive, cosmetic, and restorative services, all of which are tailored to your unique smile. Naturally, then, our team offers top-quality dental implants that beautify and restore your grin! For more details or to book a visit, you can reach us on our website or by phone at (216)-464-2448.

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